Allan and Gerald are childhood friends stumbling their way to better versions of themselves. In order to get there, they must overcome obstacles like their own personal biases and social and economic systems.


Allan Wang 

Allan is tasteful and curious. He is interested in the inner workings of many things, among which include the organizational habits of people, dance moves, and technology. From food to music to clothing, Allan can always describe something in great detail, and he always has ideas on how something could improve. Sometimes his pursuits become rabbit holes where the sight of the big picture gets lost.


Gerald Liu

Gerald is tech savvy and goofy. He has a multitude of hobbies, which vary from playing classical viola to backpacking in the wilderness. Gerald always quickly becomes knowledgable in the things that he has an interest in. He is able to find intrigue and excitement in almost anything. However, this sometimes causes Gerald to stray away from his main objective.